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Sprinkler Installation in the Kawartha Lakes Region

Proper irrigation is essential for maintaining a well-landscaped property. Hubble Landscaping specializes in the installation of irrigation systems and lawn sprinklers so you can rest assured your property will remain attractive, green and healthy during the long spring and summer months. Sprinkler systems are suitable for most types of plants, crops and soils and can be set up for automated timing to reduce your energy costs. For professional sprinkler installation in the Kawartha Lakes region, get in touch with us.

Maximize Your Available Irrigation Resources

Our landscaping specialists can help advise you where it would be best to place your sprinkler systems to maximize your available resources. If you need more information about what our irrigation installation process involves, simply contact us. We would be glad to answer any questions you may have!

Preparing for an irrigation system

Our Services

We will design and create outdoor spaces to suit your style and requirements.

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