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Dry Stone Walling

Dry Stone Walling Options: Retaining Walls in the Kawartha Lakes Region

If you are looking to create a quaint outdoor space with dry stone walling, contact Hubble Landscaping. With an experience of over 30 years, we are capable of constructing and designing dry stone bench walls, pillars and retaining walls in the Kawartha Lakes region and surrounding areas. If you’ve always found the concept of a Scottish dyke wall charming, we can add that, too! Contact us today.

Benefits of Dry Stone Walling

Characteristic of the beautiful upland areas of Great Britain, Ireland and Scotland, dry stone walls have many unique benefits aside from their aesthetic appearance, including:

Stability and durability – they typically use carefully selected interlocking stones instead of mortar
Allow beautiful, natural-looking terracing
Can be constructed of local, more environmentally-friendly materials (no cement or mortar)
Encourages wildlife, serving as a natural sanctuary for mice, birds, toads, mosses, etc.
Less costly repairs and damages thanks to natural drainage options
stone wall

Redefine Your Property’s Edges with Pillars

Do you think stoic stone pillars add an element of class? We think so too. From decorative glass block pillars along your fence to stoic stone pillars around your driveway, we can help you enhance the appearance of your property with beautiful pillars. Pillars will not only make you the envy of your neighbourhood due to their regal qualities, but they can also help you increase your property’s curb appeal with prospective buyers.


Our Services

We will design and create outdoor spaces to suit your style and requirements.

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